She Combines Her Knowledge With Her Intuition to Help Individuals Balance Mind, Body, Soul & Relationships. Meet Dana Childs, Intuitive Energy Healer & Professional Speaker


Dana holds a degree in psychology which allows her to delve deeply into the human aspect of what motivates and inspires individuals and to cut through to the base human emotions that may subconsciously drive decisions, desires, and actions. She obtained a Master’s in Educational Administration & Leadership and is recognized by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine as a Holistic Medical Doctor. She enjoys inspiring leaders, speaking about pretty much anything, and teaching intuitive, energy, and relationship skills in addition to her private practice

Q: So, before we jump into specific questions, can you share with our audience your story that started a decade ago? 
Yes. Basically, I was at this point in my life when I’d achieved what many think of as “the dream”—you know—that point when you feel like you’ve acquired or accomplished enough and now you should be happy. But I wasn’t. I had all the things our society said you needed—and yet, I felt empty and unfulfilled. Then, my life began slowly unraveling. My basset hound I’d received as a college graduation gift died; my grandfather died; my marriage had ended; my health was faltering. I was making choices that weren’t leading me to a great place. And I was just so so sad. I contemplated what it would mean for me to end my life. 

In high school, a fellow classmate committed suicide. The day we heard the news, our physics teacher, Mr. Floyd, stopped his teaching and talked to us instead. I remember distinctly him saying, “Why would you do that to yourself? Why not just run away and start over? Just run away. It’s better.” 

For some reason, that stuck. 

And that’s what I did. I literally sold my house and car and lots of furniture. Stored the rest. Packed a backpack and bought a one-way ticket to India. I traveled the world for almost a year and a half, living off my small savings and tax return, and I learned anything and everything I felt interested in—including many healing and energy modalities and techniques. 

Q: You’re an intuitive and energy healer … tell us who is the type of client that can benefit from your services?
Anyone who’s ready for a big breakthrough or change. Those who feel stuck or confused. And especially those who are ready to open their intuitive gifts and explore their connection to Source energy—that personal definition of a higher power. 

While I can work with all ages, most clients in that “redefining” spot tend to be mid to late twenties to fifties.

My favorite clients are those that roll up their sleeves and dig into the shadow self, begin to take responsibility for where their life is, and are brave enough to dive into their emotions and make changes. 

Q: You’ve worked with many businesses, what is your coaching philosophy for success?
Relationships. Relationships. Relationships. It’s all about managing relationships—with your supervisors, direct reports, colleagues, business partners, etc. And managing relationships successfully means being fully authentic and conducting business in a way that feeds your heart as well as the community AND not taking anything personally. Actually, that’s a real key for life—nothing is personal. When we can remember that we become unflappable. And an unflappable business owner or worker is a force to be reckoned with. 

Q: Can you tell us some of the courses you offer?
I love teaching. I am offering a new virtual live course in the fall of 2020. It will be offered as an online course late 2021. I’m calling it “Advanced Energy Healing.” The focus is on our main energy centers, the emotions and traumas that can get trapped within them, and the intuitive gifts that can open when we heal those traumas. It’s a powerful class of self-awareness and transformation. 

I also have some other online video courses. Empowered Empaths is designed for those who feel deeply and get confused as to what is their feeling or experience versus someone else’s. It focuses on the physical and emotional as well as tools and tips to help shift the energy. 

A couple other online courses I’ll be launching this fall include The Basics: A Series of Metaphysical Classes for Your Spirit. It’s a super fun class series with 9 one-hour classes that range from topics like Mediumship and Ghosts to Past Lives and Energy Healing. 

Then, there’s another super robust course that has over 130 short videos that take people through the 13 major blocks I find when working with Individuals. It’s called Intuitive New You, and we work through major life blockers like shame, lovability, karma and relationships, the past and past lives as well as surrendering and committing to a new life. I’m finding when people work through this powerful course, their intuitive gifts start surfacing. It’s been really fun to watch people create new lives for themselves. 

Q: What is it about what you do that most excites you?
Watching people change their lives by changing their perspectives. Just feeling the lightbulb switch on as someone finds freedom from the pain they’ve carried around—emotionally and physically. 

Q: After high school, where did you feel your career path would take you?  
Oh my gosh. I had it all planned out. I got a full academic scholarship to college. So, my plan was, as a pre-med major, I was going to go to medical school to focus on pediatrics and open a small community theater on the side for fun. I remember my family just laughing at me because I had it SO planned out. 

Obviously, it didn’t happen like that. Once in college, I fell so in love with theater that I changed my major to Drama/English and Psychology. I ended up teaching English for years before migrating into banking and then “quitting” my life and finding my true healer self. 

Q: What are the best practices you have employed to build a successful career? 
Consistency. I’ve learned that self-care and down-time are essential for me being the best I can at what I do. Not being burned out or over-tired leaves me with the energy and stamina I need to help others make major shifts and clear out deep, big emotions. 

That, along with authenticity and genuinely caring about people have sustained me. 

Q: Were there moments in your career that were pivotal to getting where you are today?
Yes. That initial moment of choice. I could feel that I could keep going the direction I was going—and not feel happy and fulfilled. OR I could embrace all the fear of starting over. It was a powerful and defining moment. 

I’ve also had moments in my career where I’ve had to choose integrity and stay grounded in what I’m meant to do rather than be persuaded to do what someone else wants or thinks I should do. Sometimes offers seem glamorous or exciting, but they may take you off your heart path. Those are powerful moments of choice as well. 

Q: What’s one lesson you’ve learned in your career that you can share with our audience?
Don’t have such a set vision of where you’re supposed to go or end up that you can’t allow for grace and Spirit to move you in a more fulfilling direction. Often, we may hold on to old dreams that no longer align with who we are or where we’re divinely meant to go. 

Q: Can you share which woman inspires you and why?
Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She aligns with her ethics and principles and isn’t derailed by what others think of her. She stands strong for what she believes in, and she’s a total powerhouse. 

Five Things About Dana Childs

1. What celebrity would you like to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee?
Is it cliché to say Brad Pitt? He’s handsome to look at, but I can just feel the inner journey he’s been on the past few years, and I’d love to talk with him about his transformation and the depth he’s discovered. 

2. What is one thing you will never do again?
I will never emasculate a man again. Once I realized the subtle ways that I was doing that, I was mortified. Never again. 

3. If you were a superhero, what would your special powers be?
Ok, I love Marvel movies. I always say while I’d love to be Dr. Strange because just WOW at his power and ethics. BUT I’m more like a cross between Thor and the woman who knows what everyone is feeling…I can never remember her name. Mantis! That’s it. Mantis. 

4. What was your favorite subject in school?
I loved Science. And geometry actually. 

5. What is your favorite childhood memory?
I remember in college, driving down South to surprise my Grandparents for a visit. I told my parents not to tell them. When I got there, Granny was sitting on the front porch and she ran out and threw her arms around me and said, “I just knew you were coming. I knew it. I dreamed it.” Granny only dreamed when something exciting or tragic was to happen. In that moment, I not only recognized her knowingness and power, but felt awed by her love of me. That feeling of deep love has carried me through many dark nights. 


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